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Memory Care

Woodland Assisted Living specializes in caring for those with Alzheimer’s or dementia. With the memory care patient in mind, Woodland Assisted Living is designed as a home, not an institution, and follows the layout of a traditional home. With a small capacity of seventeen residents, memory care patients have an easier time adapting to, and living life in an environment where they can feel the familiar feeling of home.


Individualized Care

For over 30 years, Woodland Assisted Living has provided a home to hundreds of individuals. We are an intimate, seventeen bed residence, designed to feel like a home. Because of our small size, residents are cared for on an individualized level, and feel a part of our family. We have created an environment that preserves dignity and respect, and provides exceptional care to every resident.

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About us

Learn more about our residence, services, and how we provide excellent care to every individual. 

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