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Frank and Shauna Hyatt

Woodland Assisted Living is owned by Frank and Shauna Hyatt. Frank and Shauna live less than one mile from Woodland Assisted Living and are personally involved in the care of each resident. Shauna has been the administrator since the doors opened in 1987. She continues to be an active part of each residents' care and intimately knows each resident and their family. 

Woodland Home

Woodland Assisted Living is located in a residential home licensed to care for up to 17 residents. Our home is in Loudoun County, Virginia surrounded by acres of wooded and open spaced land. Residents are able to enjoy the outdoor surroundings and wildlife, which diversifies and enhances their quality of life. Our home has a warm feeling where residents can interact with each other and staff through activities, meals and music. Our home is a home, not an institution, and this caters to the resident with memory care issues. Because our layout is a home, it is easy to remember, easy to get around, and there are no multipurpose rooms or complicated hallways to get lost in.


Woodland Care Team

Our care team is a group of dedicated and compassionate care givers consiting of nurses, certified nursing assistants, certified medication aids and trained care givers. Some of Woodland's care team have been providing exceptional care for over 10 years, thus creating continuity for each resident throughout their stay. 


"I feel fortunate to have served the elderly since 1987 at Woodland Assisted Living. I have formed many friendshps and have learned that quality care means being in tune with the needs of each resident. Living close by has helped me be in tune, and has also allowed my family the benefit of serving others"

– Shauna Hyatt

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